Healthy Values: What Drives Our Team?

wheelHere at Healthy Toolkit HQ our thoughts, words and actions are guided by our values. We are all shaped by experiences. Every one of us has experienced joy, grief, excitement and disappointment. We have been let down or supported; embarrassed or praised; been lied to, or even lied about. Heartbreak, romance, childbirth, promotion and pride: all of these impact on our thought processes and life decisions, and make us the people that we are.

With such in mind we set out below our core values which detail and guide our personal and professional behaviours and which determine our mission statement and fundamental beliefs.



What do you do well? Plenty, but do you realise this? Do we thank each other enough? Are we positive in our mindsets? Do we notice what others do? Celebration of children’s achievements is an underlying principle of a successful school, but at the heart of that school is a team of adults striving to deliver the positive future our children deserve. It takes seconds to thank somebody, praise their efforts or a particular piece of work and if this is sincere rather than a token, the value for the recipient is immeasurable.



There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is in ‘win’, to quote an oft used motivational quote. Look at the most successful teams and the most surprising teams. Leicester City became champions because they played to each other’s strengths. There were players who received greater attention than others but the attention of all was to the greater good of the team. Again, successful schools have a culture of collaboration at the hub of their operation.  Even the mavericks subscribe to this ethos.



A frequently misused term in 21st Century society, respect should be a value that everybody has for each other but in an era of instant criticism through digital media, unpredictable political behaviours and socio-economic tensions is one that may appear absent. Self-respect can regulate our own words and actions. In our team we have mutual respect for the range of each other’s talents and skills. We respect each other’s opinions and discuss any differences openly, fairly and without prejudice. Any effective team has the same moral code as its foundation.



We came together as strangers but mutual trust in each other’s underlying beliefs and abilities has built and strengthened our team. The very best schools and businesses run with trust at the nucleus of their operations without everyone being monitored and appraised to extremes. Without trust, personal and professional relationships are at risk. Trust means that someone is there for you when you need them, can maintain a confidence and take on responsibilities.



Are we open enough to admit when we need support? Probably not, though we all need it at all levels of responsibility. The best schools will keep an eye out for children and staff who are struggling, need a leg up or need some time to reflect or manage. Even the very best at managing their own time will slip up on occasion. How often is the first reaction one of criticism or an assault on one’s abilities? Do we stand by our colleagues as we would our friends in times of trouble? Here at HTHQ we stand as one and know we have the backing of each other.



To return to mindsets, and Growth Mindsets in particular, to persist in a task, to search solutions, to accept failure but learn from it is a feature of human behaviour through history, from sparking the first flame to landing on the Moon. Nobody is going to pretend for one minute that there is an instant solution to the issue of wellbeing in school, but development of a series of strategies, trialling them and evaluating them with an open mind represents a way forward. Failure need not be feared but should be built upon and learned from. Here at HTHQ our philosophy is one of endurance and being there for the long haul.



We have the courage of our convictions. We stand by each other, for each other and stand up for what we believe in. We face up to criticism and answer it with all of our core values at the heart of every decision, response and action. Seeking an easy life and pursuing the comfortable option isn’t always available. Holding steadfast to our principles drives our beliefs and the programme we wish to develop and deliver.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on our journey so far. In the coming weeks, months and years we hope to build to make a genuine difference to wellbeing in the workplace.


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