A Light in the Darkness

NicNac Lifelong Learner

Perhaps it’s because Summer didn’t get the memo that it was supposed to show up in July, but I’ve needed to reorganise my clothes (looking for cosy jumpers and woolly socks!) and do a good clear out! I tend to keep everything so it’s a chore that I hate having to do. I love taking the piles to the charity shop but I hate looking at some of the items I still hold on to. There are clothes in my wardrobe that have strong memories attached to them – my ‘skinny’ clothes when I lost lots of weight in the grip of the eating disorder and the host of ‘black’ clothes that I wore during my depression. I find facing them and thus getting rid of them very difficult. The memories of depression are especially hard.

As I talk to people who are currently lost in the black cloud, I…

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